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Jun 25 2017

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Does anybody know how much it usually costs to have a house leveled off?
Its a one story house that is about 1000 square feet.

The real answer to your question depends on the foundation type of your house. There are different types in different parts of the country.

In Texas you have multiple foundation types, though only 2 appear any different to the naked eye.

1) Pier/Beam or Block/Beam
1A Pier Beam is drilled concrete pears that act as footings and the house is then placed on top of those footings using cinder blocks, concrete, or a combination.

1B Block/Beam is simply putting your house on cinder blocks without any footings. this is much more common in rural areas, and is the cheapest type of foundation.

Houses built pier/beam do not need to be leveled very often. Houses built with block beam need to be leveled frequently. The cost to level either of these types of houses is usually very reasonable and is done using hydraulic jacks and wooden shims. The jacks lift the beam of the house up evenly and shims are placed to level the house. Cost to do this for a 1000 sqft house would be between $1200 and $3000 depending on your location. It takes about a day and the leveling company never takes responsibility for plumbing/electrical problems after its leveled.

2 – Concrete Slab – This is where concrete is poured in contact with the ground.
There a multitude of different slab types such as Slab on grade, Pier beam, pre-tension, post-tension, etc, etc.

Leveling a house that has a concrete slab is much more involved and usually significantly more expensive since you can not just lift up the the entire slab without it breaking. Its very hard to even ballpark how much that process will cost without knowing lots about your house. Leveling with a slab probably starts somewhere in the $3-5,000 range, and goes up in quickly.

I am guessing (just a guess) that you are one of block/beam or pier/beam with no concrete. in which case I would estimate you would spend less than $3000 to level and another $1500-$1800 to fix Sheetrock, pipes, etc that are damaged in the leveling.

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