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Jun 7 2018

What are the Careers in Business Psychology, doctorate in organizational psychology.#Doctorate #in #organizational #psychology


What Can You Do With a Business Psychology Degree

You may be asking yourself, “What can I do with a business psychology degree?” Well, there are many things that you can do with a degree in business psychology. For instance, a business psychology degree can get you a job in the areas of psychology and research. In other words, you can use your degree to work as a college professor and/or researcher, a business psychologist (practitioner) and/or a psychological consultant. Although a business psychology degree typically includes a specialty in industrial-organizational psychology, it can be applied to a variety of psychology careers.

Doctorate in organizational psychology

What Type of Degree Do Business Psychologists Need?

It typically takes four or more years to obtain a degree in business psychology. You can receive a bachelor’s degree in business psychology within 4 years, a master’s degree within 2.5 years and a doctorate within 7 years. Your degree program will consist of coursework in business and psychology and an internship at an approved business, social services agency or psychological facility. This article can help you decide what you want to do with a business psychology degree.

A bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate in business psychology or a related field is needed to become a business psychologist. You may be able to classify yourself as a business psychologist with a master’s degree, but it depends on your state. It is important to research your state’s requirements before enrolling into a business psychology training program.

Some states may require that you receive licensure and/or certification before practicing as a business psychologist in any capacity. In addition, you may need additional courses in business-related fields before seeking employment in that field. Your degree in business psychology will focus on understanding and analyzing the psychological factors associated with working at businesses and organizations.

What Does a Business Psychologist Do?

With a business psychology degree you will be able to supervise business-related research studies, analyze organizational trends and assess the mental health and work performance of employees. You will also be able to explore psychological factors that can affect employees and/or the company, assess a company’s short-term and long-term goals and evaluate the company’s strategies. One of your primary functions will be to create job assessments for companies so they can select candidates that share their values, mission and goals.

Depending on your specific job title, you may also be required to develop training and leadership programs that support and strengthen management skills and/or help employees utilize their talents and skills. Your main goal, when working with an organization, will be to help improve employee performance and increase the company’s revenue. In some cases, you may also help reorganize the company’s structure so that employees are assigned tasks that highlight their skills and talents.

What are the Careers in Business Psychology?

College Professor

You can become a college professor with a master’s degree and/or doctorate in business psychology. With a graduate degree in business psychology, you may be able to teach classes in industrial-organizational psychology, industrial relations, organizational management, engineering psychology, consumer psychology and/or organizational behaviors. You may also be able to supervise business-related research studies.

Human Resources Executive

You may also be able to use your business psychology degree in the human resources field. If you decide to pursue this route, your tasks will include: management functions (management development and employee training), employee performance evaluations, employee personal development, consultation services, behavioral and organizational assessments, fair hiring practices (affirmative action objectives) and employee relations.

You will also be responsible for screening, interviewing and hiring new employees, organizing employee trainings, supervising time sheets, holiday pay and/or company bonuses, addressing co-worker conflicts and employee-management conflicts. In the human resource department, you may be considered a human resources manager, human resources director, director of employee relations, human resources vice president or president of human resources.

Marketing Executive

A business psychology degree may help you enter into the field of marketing. At a marketing company or agency, you will help the company communicate its message more effectively. You will be responsible for analyzing the consumer’s thought processes and purchasing choices so that the company can reach more people.

In other words, your main goal will be to analyze the motivations of consumers so that the company can improve their message, products and revenue. Your tasks will primarily consist of designing new, fresh and creative advertising campaigns and working with company executives to improve its marketing strategies.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

With a master’s degree and/or doctorate in business psychology, you may be able to become an industrial-organizational psychologist. Your business training program teaches you how to analyze and improve company practices, employee motivation, morale, performance and satisfaction, within the workplace. Your main tasks will be to organize new employee training, refresher trainings, support management objectives and motivate employees to perform to the best of their abilities.

Sales Representative

If you have a penchant for sales, then you can use your degree in business psychology to be a sales representative. A business psychology degree will not only help you sale more products, it may also help the company gain a better perspective of what the consumer really wants and needs. A good understanding of business psychology may help you convince a consumer why a product is beneficial for him/her.

In addition, a sales representative can find work in almost industry from the automotive field to the medical field. Moreover, this degree will help you better prepare for the stressful and challenging situations at work. Furthermore, psychology-based skills like empathy and perception can help you reassure an apprehensive customer that an item is a good choice for him/her.

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