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Sep 4 2017

Dedicated server with 16Gb RAM and SSD – Vastspace Singapore #dedicated #server #ssd

# Dedicated Server Delivering good quality dedicated server to our customers is important. Many hosting companies have failed in this area. Thus, rigorous hardware tests on hard drives and RAM before the server deployed. Our servers are reliable to achieve high service retention rate. Also, the server installed with genuine Intel Xeon processor and solid states drives. This for both Linux and Windows servers Why have customers chosen our dedicated server? There are a few reasons why customers have chosen our dedicated server. In any case, we have treated their websites like our own. We check our dedicated servers from …

Aug 31 2017

Best place to buy Macbook Air – PC Advisor #apple,macbook #air,amazon,macbook #air #sku,ebay,pros,ipad,sony,intel,john #lewis,currys,stormfront,dixons,windows,ultrabook,macbook #air #skus,skus,ssd,dsg,team,google #earth,,,,reseller,page,love,apple,laptop

# Best place to buy Macbook Air Options you have when shopping for a Macbook Air, new or old. We asses the strengths and weaknesses of the best places to buy a Macbook Air. Where to shop for a new or second hand Macbook Air The Macbook Air is a phenomenal success on every level. Despite predating Intel’s ‘Ultrabook ‘ push by several years, the Air is the epitome of what Intel wants Windows laptop makers to create. It’s a thin-and-light, powerful but portable full-spec PC. It looks like something you want to own, and it performs like a workhorse. …