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Apr 29 2018

Real Estate Program – Columbus State Community College

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Real Estate Program

Real Estate Programs

At Columbus State, we offer a 4-course certificate program that entitles you to take the state of Ohio’s Real Estate exam. Completers of this program become real estate agents, investors. brokers. realtors. as well as becoming involved in property management and other real estate-related fields.

You can continue your education by obtaining an Associate of Applied Science degree in real estate or just take classes for personal use or knowledge.

For more information please see Plans of Study.

How to Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent:

1. Complete and pass the four pre-licensing courses (120 classroom hours) required by the state of Ohio by enrolling at Columbus State. The required classes are:

Real Estate Principles and Practice

(3 credit hours, 45 classroom hours)

Real Estate Law

(3 credit hours, 45 classroom hours)

Real Estate Finance

(2 credit hours, 30 classroom hours)

Real Estate Appraisal

(2 credit hours, 30 classroom hours)

  • Each course is offered different times every semester. Morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes are available.
  • Classes are offered at several suburban Columbus State centers.
  • You may take all four courses within one semester (15 weeks during autumn and spring; 10 weeks during summer term) or spread them out over several terms.
  • 8-week term classes may be available (see schedule)
  • You may take the classes in any combination that fits your needs.

2. Find a real estate broker to sponsor you for the state-licensing exam.

3. Apply to the state to take your licensing exam.

4. Pass the test and begin your new career!

Real Estate Associate Degree (Associate of Applied Science)

Designed for those who are pursuing a career in real estate. This course of study fulfills sales agent and broker educational requirements and provides classes for life-long learning. Please see Plan of Study.

Real Estate Programs

Coordinator: Jack Popovich

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