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Sep 24 2017

Public Relations Degree – Find Colleges that Offer Public Relations Programs #public #relations #master #degree


Public Relations Degree

What is Public Relations?

Public relations is the area of work that deals with the perception of an individual, organization, product or company with the intent to remove negative publicity and endorse positive exposure. Individuals will be responsible for creating events, press releases, contacting news agencies and acting as liaison between the client and the public. Individuals in this field may work for a firm, work for a single client in house, or maintain a client list.

Educational Requirements

Individuals studying public relations will be able to pursue a degree starting at the bachelor degree level. Much of the education is taught in conjunction with business, and utilizes facets of marketing and advertising as part of its curriculum. Individuals will study how the flow information, and control of it, can affect public perception, and how to utilize a variety of methods in order to disburse the desired information in order to achieve maximum effect. Modern programs will include mass media and internet components in the curriculum as the primary sources for information.

A curriculum in public relations may include:

  • Modern Mediums
  • Event Planning
  • Business Relations
  • Psychology
  • Mass Communication

Employment Opportunities and Job Growth

Individuals in this field will seek employment with a single client, firm or eventually have their own client list as a private business. Individuals will generally work under managers in order to assist varying clients of a firm to ensure that needs are met and relations maintained. Job growth is expected to increase rapidly over the next decade as the demands of public relations changes and trained individuals with an understanding of technology and modern mediums of dissemination come into higher demand. Combined with the retiring individuals, or those who change professions, job opportunities in the field should be plentiful in the coming years.

Salary and Related Fields

The average salary for a public relations employee is near $91,000 annually, with the lowest ten percent earning less than $49,000 per year. Individuals will earn higher pay based on success and performance, with movement into management or developing private firm typically earning more through the establishment of higher pay rates.

Individuals interested in public relations may also consider a career in advertising, organizational communication, or political communication.

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