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Aug 31 2018

Pest Control

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Pest Control

At DILIGENT Lawn Pest Control we understand your needs and know that you want to rid your home of unhealthy and destructive pests while minimizing the chemicals used in your environment. That’s why we’ve designed our Pest Prevention services with the most technologically advanced products and application methods in the industry today. Since no two homes are alike, your service is designed with your particular home and situation in mind. After a thorough inspection of the premises, we will apply the appropriate state of the art products in the places necessary to solve your problem. Our pledge to you is to make your HOME ENVIRONMENT PEST FREE. DILIGENT will gladly come back between scheduled services and re-treat your home at no additional cost to you to control covered pests in and around your home. YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!

Initial Interior Service

Every home and every pest infestation is different. Your program will be customized to suit your needs. Depending on the initial inspection, we may elect to place baits and / or monitors in your kitchen, baths, and closet areas, treat pocket doors, potted plants, various wall voids, and around doors and windows. The exact method, treatment areas, and product selection will be determined by the highly trained DILIGENT technician there to perform your service.

Perimeter Services

The key to keeping the interior of your home pest free is a comprehensive treatment around the exterior perimeter of your home and other conducive areas, which may include nearby trees and bushes, trash areas, fences, under the eaves, and around doors and windows, just to mention a few. We will apply a combination of granular products, gels, liquids, and / or an occasional spray. In some instances, controlling a problem may require the homeowner’s assistance. Conducive conditions that require your attention will be noted on your service ticket. This may include fixing screens, trimming tree limbs, cutting back shrubs, etc. By working together and communicating with each other, a pest free environment is much easier to attain.

What makes the DILIGENT Lawn Pest Control technician:

  • DILIGENT technicians are EXTENSIVELY TRAINED on a continuous basis.
  • We utilize the NEWEST and BEST products.
  • We use the most ADVANCED application equipment.
  • We wear PROFESSIONALLY made and EASY to identify uniforms.
  • We will respond to your needs immediately.
  • All DILIGENT technicians are DRUG SCREENED and go through EXTENSIVE BACKGROUND CHECKS to ensure your safety.
  • Unlimited free re-service request to rid your home of pests.
  • Complete satisfaction guarantee or we will credit your last payment.

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