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Jun 13 2017

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Welcome to the Law Firm of Panzavecchia Associates, PLLC.

“Our Personalized Service and Experience Makes the Difference.”

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New York Criminal Defense Attorney

Founded in 2006 by a former Assistant District Attorney, our firm prides itself on zealously representing clients at all stages of the criminal/civil litigation process. Whether you are accused of a crime, seriously injured in an accident, or wrongfully charged with a DWI, you deserve an attorney that will fight for your legal rights. We have successfully litigated criminal and civil cases against the government and Fortune 500 companies. No adversary is too big for our firm. Our proven track record of willing to take on the establishment in court separates our firm from others.

When it comes to Criminal Defense Attorneys in Nassau, NY, you can rest assured Panzavecchia Associates have what it takes to best represent your case in a New York court of law.

Personal Attention From Start to Finish

There is no other Criminal Defense Lawyer in Queens County that will give you the legal attention and dedication that we will provide. When searching for a Queens NY Criminal trial attorney you deserve the best legal advice and treatment, whether it be for a simple ticket or for a more serious offense such as a DUI or DWI. We will proceed with your case in a confident and effective manner.

We have some of the best legal defense available in the Nassau and Queens region for criminal attorneys and, unlike other firms that may take a very standard approach to communicating with their clients, you can know that you will have our full focus towards the best representation of your case. We will go through all details of your case and gather all necessary evidence and witnesses to develop a strong defense strategy.

Avoid extensive legal fees and prolonged court proceedings by doing it right the first time and going to Panzavecchia Associates.

Experience from a Nassau County DWI Attorney You Can Trust

A Nassau county drinking and driving attorney needs strong past experience with clients, and an effective team that has been successful in creating positive results. Many of our clients have been wrongfully accused and have been given justice through our diligent efforts.

As your attorneys, we will provide you with the best legal advice in the county. Do not waste your time with any other firm as an experienced Nassau County Personal Injury Lawyer from our firm will work with you to make informed decisions on your behalf.

Our firm has successfully represented individuals in cases including, but not limited to:

Strategic Approach for Complex and Straightforward Cases

A lot may ride on your case when looking for a DWI Attorney in Nassau NY County and finding one quickly can be important to assess your situation as quickly as possible. Able to think clearly in stressful and time-sensitive situations, we will make an informed decision towards the case you are dealing with.

We understand each case is different and that they require a customized defense strategy. We will work with you to understand the full story, and be available when situations affecting your case arise. For example, a case can be changed from a DIU to a DWI in Nassau or Queens and many errors can occur in the legal process. This is one of the areas we like to focus on, as this may be the difference in creating a winning case for you. Should any complications arise it is important to give us a call as soon as you need a Nassau county DUI Attorney.

Wrongfully Accused of a DWI in New York

A DWI “Driving Under the Influence” can have many adverse consequences for an individual. It primarily involves alcohol but can also include drugs and other substances that our criminal attorneys are accustomed to. It can simply be a case of finding alcohol inside your vehicle that has been opened, or you may have come home from a bar and simply miscalculated your blood alcohol limit.

Drinking while driving does not have to be the end of a clean record or mandatory long term license suspension in Queens county, New York and the surrounding areas. A first time offense for a DWI or DUI in New York has to be dealt with quickly for increase the chances of a positive outcome and shortened sentencing durations. When you receive a ticket, do not take any further actions or discuss your situation any further with law enforcement until you call our number for a free consultation. This will allow us to judge your case effectively and be able to determine whether our defense attorneys will have favorable options for your situation.

Contact a New York Criminal Defense Attorney Today

We are here to offer help, so discover the expertise and experience that Panzavecchia Associates has to offer, providing immediate council to those in Nassau and Queens County seeking criminal lawyers and attorneys.

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