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Oct 26 2017

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Types of Massage by Philippa

Philippa Dodson, a Licensed Massage Therapist, is an expert in many types of massage therapy including: Therapeutic Massage. Relaxation Massage. Pre-Natal Massage , Manual LymphDrainage Therapy (also called LDT or MLD). Oncology Massage. Chair MassageandCranio-Sacral Therapy.Although Philippa has training and experience in many kinds of bodywork she is currently limiting her practice to Manual L ymph Drainage Therapy and Oncology Massage.Lymph Drainage Therapy is often done as a “stand alone” treatment pre post-opcosmetic surgery (such as liposuction, body contouring, facelift or breast enhancement) or to reduce the bruising and swelling (post surgical lymphedema) after minor trauma and is also very helpful in treating and controlling post-operative swelling of joint replacement surgeries such as knee replacements. MLD is also an important modification in Oncology Massage for cancer patients and cancer survivors. Manual Lymph DrainageTherapy may be prescribed by a Physician, but Philippa also accepts self-referrals. Philippa is a Certified ManualLymph Drainage Therapist – Vodder Method (MLD) and has Advanced Training in the Chikly Technique of Lymph Drainage therapy (LDT). Philippa also has specialized training in Oncology Massage from M. D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX, and has training in Breast Cancer Rehabilitation from the Klose Institute and is qualified to work with cancer survivors and those undergoing cancer treatment. Philippa practices massage therapy in Richardson, Texas, convenient to North Dallas, Garland, Plano and Lake Highlands.

Massage Therapist Since 1991

Philippa Dodson, LMT

Philippa has been a full time massage therapist since 1991, practicing therapeutic massage and stress management/relaxation massage in the same salon in the Park Cities area of Dallas , TX for 16 years before relocating to Salon FX in Richardson, TX in 2008, where she not only does massage therapy. but has been the salon owner since 2005. Her therapuetic focus is Oncology Massage and Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy. Philippa’s ongoing study of advanced bodywork modalities gives her the skills to address many common health issues, such as back, neck hip pain,headaches, minor injuries, and post-operative issues. Philippa has given literally thousands of massages in her long massage therapy career and has developed a high degree of expertise in her field and will develop a treatment plan to meet your needs. You will love Philippa’s tranquil serene treatment room. Relax to soothing music on an excellent sound system. Her sturdy, custom made stationary table has special cushioning that can be adjusted to make sure you are completely comfortable and a cozy, warming table pad for those who tend to get chilled.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist Philippa had a lifelong background in the medical field. In her 18 years as a Respiratory Therapist, Philippa worked in several major Dallas area hospitals in ICU, ER, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Pediatrics,and Neo-Natal ICU doing both hands on acute and chronic patient care and supervision and management. She also did a stint as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep for a major Pharmaceutical firm in their Cardio-Pulmonary division.

Because of Philippa’s medical background, she is especially aware of possible complications and contra-indications to massage and lymphatic drainage. She works with all ages and genders, but has extensive experience with the senior population and their particular health issues, making her an excellent choice for older or frail clients or those with chronic health issues. Your medical care is between you and your doctor, but it is very important to get massage and/or lymphatic drainage from a massage therapist who will not exacerbate (make worse) any health issues you may have. This is of particular importance in people with cancer or cancer survivors, recent surgery, osteoporosis, diabetes, taking blood thinning medications, or multiple sclerosis, to name a few. You arein good hands with Philippa Dodson, LMT.

Modest Draping for all Massage

Professional & Ethical

Philippa Dodson, LMT holds to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. All health or personal information shared with Philippa is completely confidential. A modest draping procedure is always used with each massage treatment in respect of each client’s personal privacy and as a professional standard. Philippa recommends that you relax and enjoy your massage or MLD session by closing your eyes, listening to the relaxing music in silence and/or meditation, but welcomes feedback on each client’s comfort level, whether it be the room temperature, positioning on the table, depth of massage, any type of discomfort (physical or emotional) or any other issue pertaining to each therapy session. Be aware that giving massage and advanced bodywork is Philippa’s profession. You do not need to chat with her or entertain her. Silence during your massage therapy session is recommended. However, if you do want to ask questions or feel more comfortable with a bit of conversation, that is up to each person to decide for themselves.

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