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Mar 17 2018

Industrial Hand Trucks Adelaide, trucks for sale adelaide.#Trucks #for #sale #adelaide

Trucks for sale adelaide

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Industrial Truck and Equipment Co Provide a Comprehensive Range of Commercial Grade Casters Furniture, Light, Medium Heavy Duty Casters Adelaide

Industrial Truck Equipment Co Specialises in a Variety Of Hand Truck Solutions Ship Australia Wide

Business owners can truly benefit from the abilities provided by hand trucks Adelaide. These wonderful hand trucks are perfect for businesses of all types, and they are especially valuable to companies that move large items back and forth or perform heavy lifting.

Some industries that will benefit from hand trucks Adelaide include:

  • warehouses
  • factories
  • moving companies
  • retail stores
  • department stores
  • supply businesses
  • and many more

Taking advantage of hand trucks is an absolute necessity in many business opportunities. There are various types of hand trucks to choose from and much more.

We will share as much pertinent information as we can with you today about hand trucks Adelaide. Use this information to help choose a hand truck best suited for your needs.

Types of Hand Trucks

At this time, there are various types of hand trucks Adelaide currently available for rental or purchase. The different types include:

  • Heavy duty hand trucks – the heavy duty hand truck is a valuable piece of equipment because it can haul a tremendous amount of weight around with the greatest of ease. As a matter of fact, heavy duty hand trucks have the ability to lift and haul a whole lot more than 600 pounds. This is a massive amount of weight and it is perfect for companies that require a great deal of heavy lifting in their business or industry.
  • Standard hand trucks – the standard hand truck is perfect for businesses or individuals that need to haul around items that weigh as much as 600 pounds, but this hand truck is not capable of handling any more than that. If a company needs to haul more than that with a hand truck then they would have to look at a heavy duty model. The standard hand truck is the one you will see most often in various situations. It is the regular hand truck that you will notice more often on a day-to-day basis.
  • 2 in 1 convertible hand trucks – for those looking for a hand trolley that has the ability to convert to a platform truck, then the 2 in 1 convertible hand truck is the best option. This device is also known as a collapsible hand truck. This particular model can carry larger loads than the traditional standard hand truck that only has two wheels. It’s easier to maneuver wider loads using the 2 and 1 convertible hand truck as well.

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