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Jan 16 2018

Halo Public Relations – PR Agency Toronto, degree in public relations.#Degree #in #public #relations


Who We Are.

Halo Public Relations is a full service communications, digital strategy and event marketing agency.

“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.”

Degree in public relations

What We Do.

Our approach and dedication to executing a fully integrated communications strategy leads to the development of valuable media attention, creative product placement, newsworthy strategic initiatives, and buzz worthy brand partnerships. We are committed to delivering results and working with our partners to achieve business objectives that make a direct impact, those that continue to resonate over time.

otherwise known as the Halo Effect.

Public Relations.

In a world where peer-to-peer recommendations reign superior over any other form of marketing, there is no greater investment than that of PR.

Media relations • Brand positioning • Opinion leader outreach • Strategic partnerships

Corporate communications • Media training • Press junkets

Media and influencer list development and outreach • Press release writing and distribution

Event Planning.

There is no better way to gain an advocate than by offering a memorable brand experience with a perfectly curated guest list.

Design and execution • Experiential marketing • Event concept and creation • Product Seeding • Product Launches

Media events • Intimate and high profile events • Customized/personalized experiences

Cause-related and charitable fundraisers


Only the smartest strategies and most compelling content get noticed. We create tactical messaging that captivates your audience’s attention.

Content strategy and creation • Influencer management• Pop culture penetration • Social media activations

Community engagement • Paid amplification as needed • Monitoring, measurement and analysis

Strategy and style consulting on social media accounts

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