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Jul 27 2017

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About Sharing Pensions was created by its founder Colin Thorburn in 2002 to provide a free pensions and annuity resource to hundreds of thousands of people at retirement making their decision making easier. Colin Thorburn has nineteen years experience in pensions and annuities, is an individual authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and business is submitted through Blackstone Moregate Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the FCA (no. 459051).

Annuity Quotes Free Quotes at Sharing Pensions

If you would like to find a fantastic pension annuity that will suit your needs and provide you with more income than others will, it is wise to browse the open market. Here at Sharing Pensions you can compare competitive annuity rates and get annuity quotes absolutely free.

Annuity Quotes for Different Types of Annuity

There are pension annuities of various types which should be considered depending on factors relating to your lifestyle and health conditions. The kinds of annuity available include the following:

Standard annuity
Smoker s annuity
Impaired health annuity
Diabetes annuity
With profits annuity
Fixed term annuity
Flexi-access drawdown
Purchased life
Immediate needs

Benefits of Open Market Annuity Quotes

With many financial products it is wise to look at the whole market rather than cherry picking a few providers and hoping that they will be able to give you the best package for you. People have vastly different needs when it comes to things like an annuity so annuity quotes should be sought from as many companies as possible. Here at Sharing Pensions you can find annuity quotes that compare all annuity providers and this benefits you by enabling you to find the most suitable product for you, which will provide you with the best possible income. Of course, the fact that annuity quotes are completely free here is an added bonus and one that means you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Suitable if your fund is 5,000 or more after tax free cash.

Should you buy a lifetime annuity when annuity rates are currently at an all time low? Remember, once bought the lifetime annuity cannot be changed.

It is important you consider your options as you don’t have to give your fund away. In fact you can receive a guaranteed income and fund value, returning to the lifetime annuity at a later date.

Some of the top annuity providers we approach

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