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May 14 2018

Full Body Kits, Carbon Fiber, Urethane, Fiberglass –, cheap body kits for cars.#Cheap #body #kits #for #cars

Full Body Kits

  • Cheap body kits for cars
  • Cheap body kits for cars
  • Cheap body kits for cars
  • Cheap body kits for cars
  • Cheap body kits for cars

Present styling trends and concern for maximum fuel mileage have made modern cars the most aerodynamic in history. But there is more to vehicle aerodynamics than a slippery shape. Minimizing drag is important, but when late model coupes and sedans are adapted for racing, they’re usually found to be lacking in the downforce needed to keep the tires firmly planted on the tarmac, for maximum power delivery, and precise steering and braking.

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Air dams, also called lips or spoilers, are components commonly installed to minimize the amount of air flowing under the car. This reduces drag because less air encounters resistance from the irregular shapes of the mechanical components under the car. But the limited amount of air that does go under the car also travels at increased velocity, creating a low pressure area. Side skirts prevent high pressure air from rushing in from the sides.

The pressure above the car is higher than the pressure underneath the car, and this greater pressure exerted downward on the vehicle body creates the downforce needed for traction. Components like air dams and side skirts are only effective when a ride is driven at high speeds on a race track, but their aesthetic appeal is undeniable, and since race cars represent the pinnacle of speed, it’s only natural that we want to emulate them with our street driven cars. The body kits we offer can help you transform your street car so that even if you never exceed the speed limit, you can still look the part of a racer.

The exact contents of a body kit or ground effects package vary according to brand and application, but in general an air dam or lip spoiler, side skirts, and a rear valance or bumper extension are provided. If a kit has front and rear bumpers, then the air dam and rear valance will generally be incorporated into the bumpers. In addition to the above, components like a rear spoiler or even a hood are sometimes included. We offer kits constructed from the most popular body component materials including lightweight and affordable fiberglass, tough ABS plastic, flexible urethane, and strong carbon fiber.

Most body kit components can be purchased separately, but you save money by purchasing a kit and end up with a fully integrated appearance. Body kit components are created by the manufacturer to work together and each component complements the others in the kit in both appearance and performance. The skilled craftsman at the brands we carry design body kit components to not only be aerodynamic but to perfectly augment each particular vehicle’s styling. While a body kit won’t make much of a difference in performance at street legal speeds, it can still make your car look fast, even when it’s parked.

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