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Jan 31 2018

Federal Workers Comp Consultants help injured federal workers

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Federal Workers Compensation Consultants

OWCP and Disability Retirement Specialists

Our specialty is helping injured federal employees who have sustained job related injuries or who have off the job injuries that are aggravated by their employment, as well as those federal employees who have occupational diseases or illness caused or aggravated by their job. We assist federal employees seeking disability retirement, including Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) Disability Retirement and Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) Disability Retirement. We also assist individuals seeking Social Security Disability.

  • Have you been injured in the performance of your duties?
  • Is your pain or illness aggravated by what you do at work?
  • Has your employing agency or the office of workers compensation treated you unfairly?
  • Have you received all the benefits to which you are entitled?

We are reasonably priced alternative to legal representation. We are not lawyers. We are highly trained, experienced consultants in federal workers compensation claims. Our staff has over 40 years experience in handling claims at all levels, from filing all OWCP CA forms, to appeals of all levels such as Oral Hearings, Reviews of the Written Record, Reconsiderations, and ECAB appeals in Washington, D.C. We now offer representation for OWCP Oral Hearings via telephone conference call so you can avoid travel costs associated with your OWCP case s Oral Hearing.

We have helped many clients who were entitled to schedule awards collect fair awards.

Our staff can assist with disability retirements for CSRS and FERS employees. We also assist individuals seeking Social Security Disability.

Let our staff do the leg work and research for your claims. Our findings have led to the filings of numerous class action lawsuits against the federal government including the U. S. Postal Service.

We can help you.

Call us at 813-931-1984 for answers to your Federal Workers Compensation or Disability Retirement questions, or to schedule a free consultation.

You may also contact us via our email contact form

WE will help you with your fight for your well deserved benefits, against BIG BROTHER.

Se Habla Espanol tel. 813-931-1984

Federal Workers Compensation Consultants

Workers Compensation and Disability Retirement Specialists

9639 N. Armenia Avenue

Tampa, Florida 33612

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