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Jul 29 2017

Electronic Monitoring by LCA Services #gps-tracking #solutions


Electronic Monitoring

Overview: Evidence-Based Electronic Monitoring

Electronic Monitoring includes GPS Tracking Home Detention and Curfew Monitoring (EM); and Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM).

  • GPS Tracking Provides location tracking at all times.
  • Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) Monitors alcohol use, testing every 30 minutes, 24/7.
  • Home Detention/Curfew Monitoring Monitors compliance with curfew and house arrest orders.
  • CAM with Home Detention Programs can be combined using one bracelet.

When is Electronic Monitoring Effective?

  • Misdemeanors and Low-Risk Felonies
  • DUI and other Alcohol-related Cases
  • Domestic Violence Cases
  • Juveniles/Seniors
  • Medical Complications
  • Out-Of-County Residents

How is Electronic Monitoring Being Used?

  • Pretrial Supervision and Assessment
  • Condition of OR/Bail
  • Delayed Entry of Judgment
  • Suspended Sentence
  • Condition of Sentence
  • Summary Court Probation
  • Intensive Probation and Parole Supervision
  • Graduated Release from Residential Programs
  • Supplement to Outpatient Treatment Programs

Why Do Judges Order Electronic Monitoring

Monitoring programs increase sentencing options and enable courts to:

  • Improve offender accountability
  • Provide timely and accurate evidence of compliance with court conditions including alcohol abstinence, stay away orders and curfews
  • Address core causes of recidivism, including alcohol or substance abuse
  • Utilize evidence-based sentences
  • Enhance supervision for summary court probation cases

Since 1991, LCA has worked with courts throughout California to provide alternative sentencing programs including:

  • Day Reporting Centers
  • Home Detention and Curfew Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM)
  • Residential Treatment Programs
  • Substance Abuse Testing

LCA’s individualized electronic monitoring programs combine proven technology with one-on-one case management, to provide effective supervision. This is the LCAPlus Advantage.

LCA Electronic Monitoring Program Options

Electronic monitoring is one of the most effective solutions available to help manage realignment and changes relating to AB109. Depending on the type of monitoring required by the court, LCA offers different equipment options. LCA provides the technology, services, and case management to support re-entry and reduction in overcrowding jails. LCA programs keep clients accountable, while allowing them to:

  • Keep their Jobs
  • Pay Taxes
  • Pay Court Fines
  • Support their Families
  • Make Restitution
  • Reintegrate into the Community

Who Pays for Electronic Monitoring Programs?

LCA’s services are typically provided at no cost to the county. For more than two decades, nationwide EM programs have been self-funded by clients. To meet the increased number of probationers and the emerging realignment population, many counties throughout California have found it vital to create indigent funds to subsidize EM programs for those who are truly unable to pay themselves. LCA is committed to keeping our programs affordable for those ordered to participate, creating alternative funding programs, including a sliding scale of fees and financial assistance.

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