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Nov 29 2017

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Electronic Medical Record

Customize a system that works for you

With iClinic®, one size does not fit all. iClinic® is completely customizable; it comes preloaded with hundreds of clinical templates all of which can be modified and saved for later use. Templates can be applied globally to the entire record or to any section of the patient chart. Everything from the templates to privilege settings can be customized to your preference.

An intuitive interface designed by physicians

The tab-based organization of iClinic® reduces the number of drill-downs and ensures that you can always find what you are looking for. With the unique ExpressMode™ function, you can complete an entire clinical visit without navigating away from the page.

Spend more time with your patients

The philosophy behind iClinic® is simple: documenting in an EMR should be as easy as possible. With procedure codes and diagnoses automatically linked to templates, simple office visits and follow-ups can be completed within minutes. Quickly input notes with full touch screen compatibility and integrated voice dictation.

A pure web-based solution

iClinic® is one of the few systems on the market that is truly web-native – it works on all browsers across most operating systems. There are no expensive servers to maintain and no complicated software to install. Simply log into your clinic and you are ready to go.

Your trusted hosting partner

With MDLand Hosting Solutions, your records are stored and backed up at secure HIPAA compliant data centers. With over ten years experience in the field, MDLand is a trusted hosting partner for sensitive, mission-critical data.

Offline access

Through our Local Version™ optional software, providers have offline access to patients’ files, medical history and demographic information. In the event that you lose Internet connectivity, you will always have access to your data via your local desktop or laptop. Best of all, Local Version works in the background and requires no additional effort to maintain.

Specialty modules

MDLand has modules available for most specialties including oncology, cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology and many more.

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