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Jul 12 2017

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How amazing are the stem cells found in your baby’s cord blood?

These days, more new parents are considering cord blood and cord tissue banking because of all the great things that preserving their baby’s newborn stem cells has the potential to do.

Current applications for newborn stem cells include treatments for certain cancers and blood, metabolic and immune disorders. Additionally, newborn stem cell preservation has a great potential to benefit the newborn’s immediate family members with stem cell samples preserved in their most pristine state.

This is only the beginning. Newborn stem cell research is advancing, and may yield discoveries that could have important benefits for families. CBR’s mission is to support the advancement of newborn stem cell research, with the hope that the investment you are making now will be valuable to your family in the future. CBR offers a high quality newborn stem cell preservation system to protect these precious resources for future possible benefits for your family.

We know you must be making a million decisions as you prepare for your newest family member, but we’ve made those regarding cord blood banking simple.

See how easy it is

What families say

Hear why parents choose to preserve their baby’s newborn stem cells.

What doctors say

Learn why doctors recommend preserving newborn stem cells.

Newborn stem cells in action

See how CBR families have
used their stem cells.

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