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Jun 13 2017

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Young drivers’ car insurance

We’ve got some useful tips that will help reduce your premium.

1. Earn a no-claims discount

It may be obvious, but follow the Highway Code and drive within the speed limit.

So by driving safely you will reduce the chance of being involved in an accident, and this will help earn a no-claims discount when renewing your car insurance.

2. Purchase a car in a low insurance group

Avoid vehicles in in the highest groups 50 is the highest rating in the UK. Cars in group 1 generally have the cheapest insurance premiums.

3. Don’t modify your car

It maybe tempting to add extras such as fins and spoilers but they are likely to increase your insurance bill.

4. Compare like with like car insurance

Car insurance policies with the same price may not offer the same level of benefits. So remember to check that a policy covers everything you need.

5. Car security

Thinking about the security of your car could help you reduce your premium. Things to consider:

Where your car is kept overnight

Keep your car secure at night by storing it in a locked garage or park it off the road. And make sure you remove valuables when you lock the car.

Purchasing additional security devices such as alarm systems, ignition locks and glass etching will help to attract lower premiums. Your insurer can advise what devices are suitable for your car.

Finally, always look closely at the policy details, particularly at any compulsory excesses which you would have to pay when making a claim. It may work out costly if the excess is more than you can afford to pay.

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