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Jan 11 2018

25 Best Tree Services – San Diego CA

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Tree Services in San Diego, CA

San Diego Tree Services

For a homeowner, making the most of what you have isn’t restricted to what’s inside the house. Sure, a kitchen or bathroom remodel can improve the function of your home and even raise its value, but when it comes to making your property the best that it can be, curb appeal goes a long way. Lawn maintenance and landscaping are the first things passersby (or prospective buyers) will notice about your house, and these initial impressions are important. No amount of custom cabinetry, hardwood flooring, or granite counters inside will be able to make the first impression that you can get by keeping your front yard beautifully maintained.

Along with regular lawn and plant maintenance, tree service is a vital part of your home’s exterior attractiveness. No matter what kind of trees you have on your property, and there are quite a few choices in a place like San Diego, tree service is a necessity in order to keep them healthy and looking their best. While landscaping and lawn care are jobs that are often done by the homeowner, maintaining a tree is a task that is often better left to a professional.

Palm Tree Service
In southern California, palm trees are everywhere. They are a big part of what people think of when they imagine the area, and are considered by many to be representative of So Cal living. Having a few palms on your property can be a great thing, but without the proper maintenance, a palm tree can easily become more of an eyesore than a thing of beauty.

In San Diego, tree service companies often specialize in the care of these iconic trees. They require a different kind of attention than many other species, and keeping them looking good is a unique process. Like other trees, palms need to be trimmed and pruned to look their best and thrive, but they also require other service. Peeling the trunk of a palm tree gets rid of that shaggy, unkempt look. Removing old fronds and getting rid of berries before they begin to fall is a necessity for anyone who doesn’t want a big mess on their hands.

General Tree Service
For those with several different species of trees on their property, hiring a tree service that can deal with them all is very convenient. Large trees that can branch out over a structure, though they can create incredible atmosphere, may also pose a threat to your home if they are handled improperly. Aside from understanding how best to prune each of your trees, a less specialized San Diego tree service may also be able to help you plan a more effective watering system to suit each species of tree on your property.

Emergency Tree Service
A diseased tree can pose a threat to your home and to other trees in the area as well. While the best way to combat disease is to regularly have your trees inspected by an arborist, once the problem becomes out of control it may be necessary to remove the tree all together. Some San Diego tree service companies offer not only preventative and usually inexpensive check ups, but are also available 24 hours a day for emergencies. If it becomes apparent that a tree is structurally unstable and poses an immediate threat, the extra expense of emergency service might be well worth the cost. If the issue is not urgent, though, you may opt for scheduling a regular appointment for tree removal.

An annual check up for every tree on your property may be as little as $100, or even less. For more extensive tree service, San Diego residents can expect a bill of $300 to $500 for trimming or pruning, and $1,000 or more for tree removal. When hiring a company for tree removal, be sure to find out whether stump removal is included in the estimate. If it is not, it could end up costing you an extra $200 or $300.

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