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Apr 4 2018

Travel and Expense Management Solutions

#risk #management #solutions #competitors # Travel Expense Management Comdata’s suite of Travel Expense Management solutions provide better control over your business travel program, less fraud risk, more savings and the data and insights your team needs to negotiate the best rates with travel providers. Comdata also makes life on the road easier for your employees with industry-leading mobile applications to manage travel and submit expense reports. Virtual Card for Travel The Comdata Virtual Card for Travel assigns a single-use credit card number to each transaction. Simply book travel through your travel management company (TMC) as you normally would, and the …

Apr 4 2018

Important please Read!

We offer Travel Insurance if you are Already Travelling and have forgotten to take out cover or your current insurance has run out: on the condition that the total period outside your home country does not exceed 18 months. Also on the strict understanding that nothing has already occurred which has led to a claim, or could lead to a claim on this insurance. This means, for example. if you have had something stolen or lost already, are feeling unwell, have been injured, are thinking about seeing, or have seen a medical practitioner, then we will not pay for any …